Our specialist immigration legal services

We solve complex problems so you, your family, or your business, can thrive in the UK.

Our legal services

We are specialists in immigration law. Our lawyers are fully qualified and have a wealth of experience to advise you on any immigration matter, big or small. Our core services are listed below.

Face-to-face consultation

We offer a face-to-face consultation service where you can sit down with a specialist lawyer and get advice on any immigration matter.

We are currently offering our face-to-face consultation service at the reduced rate of £150 plus VAT (20%).

This service is ideal for people who are considering options or have questions to ask before making an application. No matter what this issue, our specialists can help you with advice you can rely on.

Book a face-to-face meeting with one of our specialist immigration lawyers.

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Application checking service

Are you making an immigration application and worried whether you’ve included the right documents and evidence, or filled in the right forms?

Having an application turned down can be costly and stressful. That’s why we offer an opportunity to have everything thoroughly checked by an expert immigration lawyer before you send it off.

The application checking service costs just £250 plus VAT (20%).

We can help you have peace of mind that you are sending off the best possible application, whether it’s for entry clearance, leave to remain, citizenship or another immigration matter.

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Obtaining a visa

Whether you want to visit the UK for a short trip, or something more long-term, our immigration specialists can advise you on applying for the right type of visa for you.

We can help you make an application for a visa that allows you to live, work or study in the UK and achieve your ambitions. Whether you are applying for yourself, or you wish to bring your spouse and family to join you our lawyers are ready with the advice you need.

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Become a British citizen (naturalisation)

Becoming a British citizen means you can come and go as you please and enjoy all the rights that come with being British. The most common route to becoming a British citizen is a process called naturalisation.

There are many criteria that must be considered depending on your individual circumstances.

We know how important citizenship is. That’s why our expert lawyers will seek to fully understand your case and advise you on making the best possible application.

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Bringing your Spouse to the UK

If you are from outside the EU and are married to a British citizen, or someone who has settled in the UK (e.g. has permanent residence) or has refugee status, you can apply for a Spouse Visa. This is also known as a Marriage Visa.

This is a visa that lets you settle in the UK for an initial period of 30 months allowing you to live with your family and work. The Spouse Visa can be renewed for a further 30 months and can lead to Indefinite Leave to Remain and, eventually, full British citizenship.

Making this application is not necessarily straight-forward for everyone. It depends on individual circumstances. Our lawyers have the expertise needed to give your application the best chance of success.

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Business immigration

Whether you’re a business looking to recruit someone from outside the UK, or an entrepreneur or investor looking at opportunities in the UK, we can advise on the right immigration status.


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Asylum and human rights

We have a long history or successfully representing victims of persecution so they can live safely in the UK. Our lawyers are passionate about human rights and have experience of resolving some of the most complex cases.


As standard, we will assess whether applicants are eligible and advise on their options. Whether you are eligible or not, you can be guaranteed that our asylum lawyers will work tirelessness to give you the best chance of protection.

In addition to asylum applications, our specialists have a successful track advising clients applying for family reunion, travel documents, or facing removal, detention and/or deportation. We are also experts in nationality law and represent clients who are stateless.

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Appeals and litigation

If you have had your application refused or turned down, you may have further options. This could involve seeking permission to appeal or undertaking a judicial review. Talk to us today about your options for challenging an immigration and/or asylum decision.

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Our lawyers are on-hand to help with any immigration matter. Get in touch to find our how we can help you, your family, or your business thrive in the UK.

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Our fees

Our fees are competitive and transparent. We can provide fixed fees for most services. This means there are no surprises and you always know what you will be charged.

100% of the profit from our services is used by our charity to help victims of persecution live in safety, and to help people learn English, find work, and have a voice.

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