Where your money goes

100% of our profits fund our charity’s life-changing services. Thanks to support from people like you, we’ve helped thousands of people to live in safety from persecution, learn English, find work, and participate fully in society.

We offer you more than legal advice. We offer many opportunities to build your life here and be part of a community.

Skills and knowledge for life

With Consonant, people use and develop their English skills. This means they can socialise more, study, find work, help the kids with homework, and have a voice.

Our classes help people improve their computer skills. The internet offers a world of opportunity. Knowing how to stay safe online means the whole family can benefit.


Protecting people from persecution

Across the world, many people are forced to flee their home because of who they are, what they believe or who they love. Every year a small number of people turn to the UK for help that will save their lives. Here they enter a tough legal process to get the right to live in safety. Our caseworkers ensure they are not alone with the right advice when they need it most.

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Employment, independence and welbeing

With Consonant people get to know themselves, their skills and how to get the job they want. Our business coaches are helping people turn their big ideas into profitable businesses. With Consonant people can support themselves and their families and enjoy life.

People who are going through difficulty, who need to access social welfare, housing, and need help controlling their debts, also find help at Consonant. Our health project helps people register with a GP, helps people look after their physical and mental health.

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A fair immigration system

While our services help people live in safety and achieve their potential, we know there are barriers. We research these challenges and develop solutions.

A critical friend of government, we work with businesses and other stakeholders to campaign for a system that’s fair, that upholds the rule of law, and enables people to thrive.

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Find out more about how we use the profits from our legal services to make Britain a place where everyone can belong.

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